Autonomous systems

The workshop reviews and uncovers the autonomous system, found in most organisations. We use the term "the hidden admin factory". We focus on all the random small systems that emerge across departments. Systems created outside the main infrastructure, to cover the gaps not filled by the existing IT systems.

For example a list of hardware used by a employee, a list of corporate cars or contracts to be re-negotiated. Another example is when data is exported from one system to a spreadsheet, only to become outdated and importat in a third system.

These systems complicate the flow of information and create a complex structure. A first sted is finding where they live in the organization.



The following subjects will be covered in the workshop:

  • What autonomous systems exist in the organisation and where is the data stored?
  • How do you handle company cars, hardware, project plans etc
  • Is the information availbale to those who need it, and it is always up to date.
  • Is it possible to use standard software, SharePoint or apps to solve the tasks, creating more transparency.

The workshop can be tailored to effectively target common known autonomous systems.

The outcome of the workshop is a top-level proposed solution, as well as recommendations for a process to clean up the infrastructure.

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